Thursday, June 23, 2005

Las Vegas trip list

  • clothes for 5 days, 4 nights, including clothes for the <dum dum dum, or if you like, "Oooooon aaaaaand oooooon"> Celine Dion concert
  • toiletries
  • sunglasses
  • new digital camera with case and extra batteries
  • old digital camera with case, batteries, and extra disks, as Dad may be giving it to my cousin if he doesn't have one and wants it.
  • hair ties--growing my hair out long enough to tie back was probably a good idea.
  • charged cell phone
  • charged and current T2
  • notebook
  • knitting, if I have a suitable small project
  • cash (What's a good amount for about 4 days of gambling? I'm thinking $20 total)
  • plane itinerary
  • books. Or at any rate one book.
What am I forgetting?


koalabear100 said...

* hand lotion and facial moisturizer. it's dry there.
* water bottle
* hand sanitizer. think of all the people who touched the nickel slots before you. yeah.
* healthy munchies. this is a town famed for buffets and cheap prime rib dinners.

If your itinerary isn't already planned out, you might consider visiting the Liberace museum, taking a tour at the marshmallow factory, and visiting the In N Out company store.

Anonymous said...




JLB said...

not earplugs - earPLANES!