Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday musings

I went to the bank today (whilst on an errand for work) to deposit a couple of checks. The teller asked how I was, and I asked how she was, and I wanted to be friendly and continue the small talk, so I said, "I'm glad we're having a temporary respite from the heat." Then I realized how insufferably stuck-up that sounded and added, "It's supposed to get a lot worse next week." Then the teller in the next lane over exclaimed, "That's why the Oreo song has been stuck in my head all day!" and pointed to the ceiling, and the rest of my transaction was quite pleasant. Swear to God that sentence formulation was the first thing that came to my head, though.

And then I went to Joann today to get <cough> a fourth ball of baby yarn (it was on sale for $2 a ball last time and $1 today because it's Firefly Frenzy, 100% cotton and a lovely blue and perfect for a tiny little sweater, except I didn't get quite enough because I've never--well, successfully, anyway--made a baby sweater before) and passed a car with a sun reflector that announced, "Mary Kay is on a mission to enrich people's lives." I don't believe makeup has ever enriched any woman's life. Well, okay, perhaps women who have terrible facial scars they're sensitive about that makeup can successfully hide. But in general, no. I'm not sure I even believe a pink car has ever enriched any woman's life. At any rate this would probably not be a woman I would be friends with.

Oh, and: 705 last night, and 402 the night before that. These numbers are going to be like parking spaces, in that I'm going to remember them until that one instance--like the present--when I need them and then they'll be gone. I mean, parking spaces before I worked here, in grad school and Borders and all that. The parking lot here is small enough it really doesn't matter if you don't remember where you parked. Though there are enough people with windows facing the lot that you'll look a little silly if you wander around aimlessly. Which is another reason I'm not changing into shorts and T-shirt in my car out there for the drive up to Toledo.

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