Thursday, June 09, 2005

Here be dragons.

112 words last night, partly because I wanted to finish the slightly-altered Unbiased bag--I didn't, quite, plus it'll need a lining, which I don't know how to do--and partly because I played The Sims instead. I did exercise. I'm starting to hate planks less, and I think my muscles are starting to realize it's useless to protest. Maybe. As for the writing, I'm feeling it's wooden and forced because I'm making myself do it nightly, but if I don't make myself I won't do it at all and I don't want to not do it. Or I could (machine-)quilt TST but I don't want to do that either (though it occurred to me that a good way of reducing puckers in the backing until I get a walking foot is to put the area I'm quilting into my hand-quilting frame), or work on more knitting projects but I'm doing that already, or practice guitar or use up these craft kits that I've got lying about. Tell me, what do people without hobbies do in their spare time?

Incidentally, regarding my choice of diversion, I am an idiot. In the Making Magic expansion pack for The Sims--I've used it to create key households for Shoelace--it's possible, according to the hype, to buy a dragon egg. I wanted a dragon, because one of the Shoelace households is Aly's tower and it's supposed to be guarded by a dragon, and how cool is that? Only I didn't know where to get the dragon egg. There's a vendor who sells dragon nests, food, and toys, but no egg. I thought perhaps the eggs were really expensive and I didn't have enough money and that was why the option to buy wasn't showing, so I set my character (the fairy godmother--since she's the one who gets Aly into the tower, I figured it should be her doing all the setup work) to making money. 1000 coins later, no option to buy an egg appeared. Then I decided to buy the nest and accoutrements anyway and see if maybe that would give me more options. The egg comes in the nest. Duh. (The nest is 49 coins.) Also, it comes with its own set of headphones.

My days are too short but my weeks are too long. I'm not liking this at all. I'm liking the current schedule--exercise at 9, shower, write, go to bed at midnight--except that I get home late because I get up late because my alarm clock has no power over me. I feel like I need to catch up, but what I really need is to break out entirely. Oh, and go get presents because it's that time if I don't want to be late (like I usually am). I really do need to work on the job-hunting. I wish I had one set place I was looking--unlike the last time I did this. Things change, of course. I'm still feeling bleagh about work, and tending to believe they feel the same way about me--I can see Jeri trying to get me on projects, but I have to wonder how forced it is. Ugh. I will stay late (later) tonight and send out some applications and see how things go.

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