Thursday, June 02, 2005

Things I'm thinking.

  • This tape will never end. Never.
  • I think "Means for subject ratings of Joannes 2 and 3" is the best table name I've ever come up with. Unless it's "Means for subject ratings of Johns 2 and 3."
  • "Pacificate" is a word. It means "to pacify." I weepificate.
  • I so very much don't deserve a Friday yet. But I'll take one.
  • I need a digital camera. I mean, one that isn't six years old.
  • I cry way too easily. Surely there's no evolutionary advantage to this.
  • Which is more distracting: home with food and books and personal computer, or work with candy and high-speed Internet?


Jade said...

You can't possibly cry as easily as I can! As for distraction, the answer is work: HSI is the ultimate time suck! Then again, having a good friend around is the real distraction... that's when you can find all sorts of reasons to think about something besides what you should be doing...

I digressicate.

Jenny said...