Thursday, June 23, 2005

Morose--but clean.

Yesterday I was feeling blah and dejected and--morose, maybe; partly because I went looking through some journal entries from the past couple of years and noticed, as I hadn't when I was writing them, their overall level of unhappiness; and partly because of this paper and the things I haven't gotten done job-wise and writing-wise and life-wise.

So I cleaned. It takes a certain mindset for me to want to clean, and apparently that was a gateway to it. I didn't vacuum because it got late, but I cleaned everything else and did the dishes and folded laundry while I watched/listened to both Shrek movies. (The Fairy Godmother has the scariest smile ever.) Tonight I'll vacuum and iron and maybe think about what books or knitting project I want to bring for the plane ride to Vegas. Oh, I also played with my new digital camera--I need to make a pouch for it Friday or Saturday. And so on. Always things to do. No exercise or writing, though Shoelace is at a fun place for tonight. I need a vacation. Oh, look! I've got one coming up. (And then Independence Day weekend. I like how my family planned this.)

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