Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Status: 750 last night. None over the weekend. I'm going too fast through my box of Fla-Vor-Ices (or whatever the name is; those cheap popsicles, you know). I'd forgotten how frizzy my hair looks when it's up in a barrette. Transcriptions are creeping along.

I told Mom I wanted to get a new digital camera for the Las Vegas trip. She was all for it. I told Dad I wanted to get a new digital camera. He said, "What's wrong with the one you already have?" This was rather a reversal of what I expected. It's probably because Dad got me the one I already have, second-hand, and I suspect he always sort of wanted it for himself but thought I ought to have it. As for the actual question, I want a new one because the old one is big and clunky and takes floppy disks and often has grainy images, and the batteries are the sort you can't use half-charged and the previous owner did, and I want one that will store lots of pictures and can fit in my purse. Now I wonder if Dad has a digital camera. I thought so, but perhaps I'm thinking of the last time he bought Mom a camera, whenever that was. I feel guilty getting a camera now. But that's illogical, I think, and so I'm going shopping this weekend (as well as looking for sunglasses and a hat. Mom told me I had to get those).


koalabear100 said...

What you need to do is perfect your gaming strategy. Then you can use your winnings to buy new cameras for you and your Dad. (I am assuming your Mom is something of a luddite.)

Jenny said...

Unfortunately I'm not a gambler. It's a nice idea, though. Maybe I'll get lucky with the slot machines. You think I can do that on $5 a day?

Mom's not opposed to technology; she just doesn't think she's capable of learning how to use it.